sassy eggs. or, row really needs a ciggy. taghazout, morocco.

Surfers need serious breakfast before chasing waves. No place in unassuming Moroccan surf spot Taghazout covers the wave rider morning meal better than tiny walkup café Tamazirt.

When I wasn’t whiling away the morning at Aftas underneath my tree house watching a parade of characters, the bar at the Tamazirt stand was your next best bet to find me. Tamazirt is one of the few restaurants in the town and sits across from a surfboard shop just a little uphill of the fisherman’s beach.

Irish owner Rowena said she had been coming to Taghazout with her family since she was a child. Now she and her father run a surf camp popular with the Euro set. Rowena runs the café-stand with efficiency and a generous helping of sass.

Rowena’s simple menu offers premium fresh ground coffee and espresso drinks, homemade muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit, and a typical run of egg options. The Irishwoman understands the seriousness of breakfast, and so offers her customers unlimited toast made from Moroccan bread.

rowena. sassy café owner.

She told me grapefruit was good to eat every morning with breakfast. When I asked her why, she replied:

“Digestion, I guess. You come from the land of nutrition and plenty! Shouldn’t you know these things?”

The real barbs are reserved for locals who like to come around and agitate her for the sake of annoyance.

“Go back to your goat mother!” She said to one of the local shop owners whose daily habit was to pester her for a coffee during peak hours.

Equally entertaining was when her father would come around asking this and that, but would go on mumbling about something else as Rowena shouted answers with irritated prefaces of, “I already told you!” or “I already gave you that, it’s…!” An entertaining family farce as you wake up.

If you happen upon Taghazout in your travels, be sure to take Row a pack of Camel Blue cigarettes since she was running low and they’re not sold in Morocco anymore. She really needs her ciggys.

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